Who We Are

Our Main Clients

SupremITS was established in 2007, Lithuania. The company is privately owned. The company with an idea to develop the sustainable solutions for various industrial sectors as defense, traveling, automotive. The company has brought complex products for the long-term customer in the France, UK, Germany, China. The core personnel are highly qualified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in software development. We contribute to our clients in the areas of product, service data management, computer aid manufacturing-cad as well as systems development, integration and IT architecture. Our business concept is based on careful listening of the customers and then offering the sustainable concept and solutions that brings added value for the customers.

We are happy to bring to our customers not only the functionality of their products, but also to focus on the quality, safety and security of them. We work closely with our clients to ensure all communications and project execution are transparent .We communicate with the customer as a single team with common goals and objectives. We give demo presentations, discuss current project status and assess priorities.

Our customer are operating in different business field. We see that our role is to make complicated things simpler, to continue development of the solutions that our valuable customers already know and are confident, and do everything always better and permanently challenge existing work processes and technologies.

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